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Keri Caves & Marathonisi

Marathonisi (Turtle Island) is the place that many Caretta - Caretta turtles are visiting every year to lay and burry their eggs in the sandy beach. As approching Marathonisi the colour of the sea is changing to a  crystal  clear turquoise with light notes of blue. On the back side there are located two beautiful natural caves and a rocky beach. Located 3 miles away from our starting point, Porto Koukla beach hotel, and accessible only by boat, Keri Caves are a pure gift from nature. You can enter some mezmerising caves directly by boat and admire the rock formations. For the other caves that are too tight, you can get in by diving and swimming in the amazing blue sea.   

  • Trip Duration: Approximately 3 hours

  • Up to 8 people

Image by David Troeger
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Keri caves
turtle island
Keri arches

The tour

We will begin our trip from Porto Koukla beach hotel and first head to Keri caves where we will explore the beautiful natural caves and arches. We will also make plenty of stops to swim and enjoy the crystal clear water and rock formations. There is nothing better than a dive in this refreshing waters. Then we will visit marathonisi (turtle island), visit its caves and then stop on the beach and take your time for some sunbathing and swimming in the blue sea 

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