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Island Tour

Come with us on a cruise all around the island and discover the hidden places of its beautiful coastline! This trip is your best chance to take an eye at all these non- accessible treasures!

  • Trip Duration: Approximately 6-7 hours

  • Up to 8 people

Image by Sarah Lee
Blue caves
Porto Roxa
Plakaki Beach
Shipwreck beach

The tour

We will begin our trip from Porto Koukla beach hotel and make our first stop at Marathonisi or the so called Turtle Island where you will be able to swim and enjoy its sandy beach. Then we will head to the southwest part of the island and visit Keri Caves and Eros cave where we will also stop to enjoy a drink and swim. 


Heading north you will admire the west coast with its very steep cliffs, rocks with small hidden bays, caves and inaccessible beaches with its beautiful rock formations and caves. Our next stop will be the world-wide known Shipwreck ( Navagio) beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world! You will be overwhelmed by its sight as we enter the bay! We will stop there so you can enjoy swimming in the crystal blue and turquoise waters and make some photos of this iconic beach.

Heading further north we will sail around Skinari cape, the northernmost part of the island! And, soon after, the amazing view of the famous Blue Caves! There, we will stop so you can take nice photos of this natural phenomenon. The blue colour is caused by the water reflecting the sun to the walls of the caves and creating a sea-bed of all shades of blue.

We will then see the little fishing village of Agios Nikolaos and then we will stop at Xigia Beach, known for the sulphur springs and their curative properties! 

Following the direction of the sun you will then admire th sandy beaches of Alykes, Alykanas and soon after tsilivi and planos before reaching Zakynthos town which we will pass to then sail across the beaches of Vasilikos, Banana beach, Porto Zoro & St Nicholas. Arriving then to our last stop, Pelouzo. A tiny green island in Gerakas bay. It's clear water and tropical scenery will take your breath away. We will stop there for a swim before heading back to our starting point.

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